Searching for computers for your startup?

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Searching for computers for your startup?

Regardless of the business space or industry your startup is in, you need to acquire business grade equipment in other to smoothly run your business.

However budget constraints means that startups should consider staying as lean as possible at the early stage of business without compromising on quality.

It’s is advisable for startups to source for refurbished computers and other hardware in order to stay on budget.

For starters, a computer with an i5 3rd generation or higher processor and 8g RAM is enough to get you going. This range of products can be sourced from a refurbished hardware store with a warranty and comes handy with a Windows 10 Pro as an operating system.

So while it maybe tempting to go for the fanciest Gadget out in the market, staying lean is of utmost importance as there are no assurances of cash flow in the months following the onset of your business operation.